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Dear Visitor,


We're happy that you've found your way to our site! 


Thesedays, a simple online search will bring up long lists of companies, organizations, and schools who all seem to offer the same thing.  It's hard to know which programs work and which ones to trust, especially when there isn't the convenience of sitting down with someone to get to know more about them.   If you've never heard about the work done here at PromiseK14 either, you can probably place us in the same boat.


To that, we simply want to encourage you to take the time to get to know more about us.   Our vision and mission are simple.  For the past 11+ years we have been working to empower students by connecting them with the best possible teachers and content in online, real-time classrooms. 


The process starts with our diagnostic placement test, which is an opportunity not only for us to get to know more about the student, but for prospective students to know more about us.  


Please know that we do not accept all students! We'll go out on a limb and say that we are probably one, if not the only, online program that would say that.   The diagnostic test is an important tool for us to see if our teachers can work with a student in the online program.   For example, elementary aged students of a certain maturity level might not be a good fit for our individual programs.  Rather than lie to you in order to get your business, we can determine this in the diagnostic test and let you know up front our individual classes would not be a good fit.  There may be other options to pursue!


And as the above example illlustrates, our processes are not based on solely business decisions, or some adherence to strict guidelines.  It boils down to our philosophy and desire to provide the best possible opportunity for students, and we acknowledge we might not be that for you right now. 


So please, its important to take the next step to read our site info, contact us,  schedule a talk with our admin staff, and sign up for a sample or starter class.


Thank you and we look forward to talking and working with you soon.





Ernest Wagner


Our Philosophy

"Not everyone is a good student, but a good student can come from anywhere. "  

Our History

Incorporated in 2004, PromiseK14 ( formerly Promise Cyber School) began offering its real-time classes to poor students in rural areas of South Korea

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