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"Do not give a fish, but teach how to fish..."

Promise Teachers

Our teachers, by far and away, are what separate Promise and its programs from the rest of the pack.  


At our core, we believe that the learning experience is effected most by 2 contributing factors: 1) the content, and 2) the teacher.  In the hands of one teacher, the letter A may be the most boring subject in the world; but in the hands of another, it could absolutely be the most interesting.  


With this understanding in mind, Promise strives to pair truly engaging content with teachers of a certain mold. Specifically, our teachers are ones who are not only well-trained and qualified for the online teaching model, but at their core they care about a student's well-being, growth, and education.   Without this personality and characteristic as a fundamental basis for teaching, a student's learning experience we believe will be severely limited. 

Here at Promise we can confidently say we have one of the, if not, most refined teacher selection and training processes, based on our years of experience teaching real-time online classes.  Thus, we are proud of our team of teachers and are glad to share more about them here on this page. 

Teacher Profiles

Angel Johnson

Education: BS in Public Management/Sociology


Teaching Experience: 6+ years

Becky Tkacs

Education:  Masters in Education on Curriculum and Instruction, Children's Lit.

Experience:  7+ years

Carol Verrone

Education:  MS Education Reading Specialist


Teaching Experience: 35+ years


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    last update: 6/01/2016

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