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K - 14 Programs


Promise's programs and teaching methodology focus on engaging students.  We believe that students learn best when they are active participants in the learning experience.  So many online programs offer a huge range of flexible coursework that can be easily studied on one's own time.  This, too is something that Promise can offer, but we choose to go deeper.  Its not so much about how much you learn, but how well you learn.  


To that end, we strive to make our curriculum and course studies here at Promise a blend of flexible self-study and hands-on and interactive learning between student and teacher. Despite the currently disconnected nature of most e-learning programs, it is a key focus of Promise to connect passionate, caring, and dedicated teachers with students who deserve a first rate education.  




The following descriptions are of Promise' unique, experience-proven literary based English training content ONLY.   This content is mainly for students K-9th grade.  For our 9th - 14th grades, Promise utilizes a selection of 3rd-party curriculum and content from providers we recognize the quality of and partner with. 

*Important note:

Tiny Scholars  (K - 3rd grade)


Learning a second (or additional) language is best begun at an early age. Young ESL children meet their American teacher via their school’s virtual classrooms and learn to communicate with their American teachers through songs, body language, beautiful illustrations, letters, sounds, and more. The main focus is to help Kindergarten-age children to familiarize themselves with English by focus on their listening and pronunciation skills.


Learning to Read (3rd & 4th grade)


English as a second language students learn with American teachers through literary works, written by our teachers, and focus on phonetic sounds, blended sounds, letter recognition, letter writing, and beginner conversation. 


Click the button on the right to see a more in-depth sample of our level 2 materials, including a link to our supplemental educational games site (under development)!    

I Can Read (5th & 6th grade)


ESL students continue to be engaged by American teachers through reading aloud, verbally answering questions, writing, illustrating, letter recognition, sentence building, and clarification of the meaning of new words without the use of a dictionary.



Reading is Fun (7th & 8th grade)


Students can read, write, speak, and listen in English with beginner confidence. Students focus on analyzing text and learning to understand syntax--parts of speech, noun, verb, adjective, adverbs and subject-verb-object. Also, students learn conjunctions; connecting ideas together to form opinions and responses to questions about literature.



Hooked on Reading (9th Grade)


Students will need to organize ideas, identify topics, main ideas, major and minor details in news articles, and begin to practice writing through a process of brainstorming


Promise Global Scholars (8th grade +)


Promise Global Scholars are free downloadable weekly e-News magazines containing various subjects which expose our students to day-to-day ideas and words, as well as specific subjects such as Math, Science, History, etc.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions and find out more or apply and sign-up to join one of our classes. 

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