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Our History


Since 2004, PromiseK14 (formerly Promise Cyber School) has operated with one singular motive: to provide the best quality education at an affordable price for any student, especially to those who might not normally have access to such opportunities.


Based near Washington D.C, PromiseK14 has provided Virtual and Cyber English classes to over 11,000 students in more than 60 rural public elementary, middle and high schools through its subsidiary, Promise Korea. We are proud of our hard work starting in South Korea, one of the most educationally demanding and successful countries in the world. Promise invests in building students' skills to boost jobs potential and growth. 


We strive to do our utmost by hiring well-qualified, eager and effervescent teachers who are share the same vision we do. We have developed our own high quality experience-proven methodology and curriculum to be the backbone for student learning. An effective pathway to successfully studying abroad can be attained by the international students who enroll in PromiseK14 (especially in the United States), which is essential now more than ever in this continually globalizing world.


PromiseK14 Students start at an early age with our ESL curriculum and by the time they reach junior high and high school, they are ready to enter into our accredited US online high school program. Unlike many of their peers who "burnout" when they come to a college or university in the United States because they only "studied towards the test," Promise students who successfully complete this program are far better equipped to enter US universities and colleges.


Leaders in the fields of literature, online educational consulting, teachers' training programs, content development, and virtual charter schools have become our partners to collaborate on this global vision.



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